Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stupid Criminal of the Day

I wish I could make this stuff up, but I can't. My favorite line is "The girlfriend said she knew nothing about the drugs or money." Sure because she was immune to the smell of pot. Well, either that or she ratted him out.

Arlington Heights break-in report ends in drug arrest

by Barbara Vitello in the Daily Herald, January 13, 2009

Police arrived at an Arlington Heights residence in the 600 block of Happfield Drive Friday preparing to investigate a home invasion.

They left with 350 grams of suspected cocaine, 827 grams of suspected cannabis and a total of $100,000 in cash, accompanied by a resident, 28-year-old Johnny Beltran, who they charged with possession with intent to deliver. Police have not charged anyone with the home invasion.

The defendant's girlfriend called police to report the crime, said assistant state's attorney Kristin Piper. Upon their arrival, the officers smelled pot and obtained a consent to search the residence, she said, and discovered the drugs and $70,000 in cash.

Officers found an additional $30,000 in cash in the defendant's car. The girlfriend said she knew nothing about the drugs or money, said Piper.

A Cook County judge set bail at $750,000 at Beltran's bond hearing Monday in a Rolling Meadows courtroom. However, because he has another case pending at Chicago's Criminal Courts Building, Beltran will be held without bond. If convicted of the Class X felony, he faces nine to 40 years in prison.

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