Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Best Garage Sale Find. Ever.

Last weekend I had a garage sale. It was a ton of work, but very successful.

About 11:00 on Friday morning, a man probably in his mid-60s rode up on this very old moped. When I commented on how cool his moped was, he told me he got it was a 1978 moped he bought at a garage sale 3 years ago for $25! When he bought it, it wasn't working and he stuck it in his storage shed planning to eventually get around to fixing it.

With gas over $4 a gallon, he decided to start putzing around with the bike and discovered that the carburetor needed to be cleaned. Once he cleaned the carburetor, the moped started right up and purred like a kitten.

The best part is the moped gets 85 miles per gallon! Of course, it only goes 32 mph max, but for running errands in Arlington Heights, that's perfect.

He said it was the best $25 he ever spent!

1 comment:

  1. I so want a moped. I also want a scooter, but most scooters in Illinois require you to also have a motorcycle endorsement on your license.

    Or an electric bike. That would be soooo cool!


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