Thursday, July 10, 2008


It's ALWAYS a good day when it's shown with irrefutable evidence that I'm right about something.

What am I right about now? I'm so glad you asked.

Today, I'm right that my 1995 Honda Civic is still very popular and worth protecting. In fact, my car is the #1 most popular car with car thieves. And it's the 4th year in a row in the top 10.

I'm going to print out the CNN article and keep it in my car because my friends make fun of me a lot when I pull out my Club and use it to lock my steering wheel. Normally, I only do this in the City of Chicago, but I do it at other times too, like when I'm at the mall. But clearly I drive something worth protecting.

I know that the Club can be cut through, but that takes some extra effort on the part of a thief and by my logic, no one wants to risk getting caught trying to steal a car

So make fun of me all you want. But my car is paid for, my insurance is low, and have I mentioned that I get over 30 mpg? And clearly it's highly desirable.

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