Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big News! Nana Knew Me!

This is such huge wonderful news that I had to take a break from my break to share!

I try to call Nana regularly, but it's really difficult because most of the time she is asleep. When I am lucky enough to get her on the phone, she doesn't seem to know me.

But Friday was her 92nd birthday and it was important to me that I speak to her. So I've been calling multiple times a day hoping I might find her awake. Finally, late this afternoon I called and the nurses were just getting ready to take her to dinner, so she was awake. I could hear the nurse telling her she had a phone call, but for some reason, the nurse didn't tell Nana who was calling.

"Hello Nana" I said, without identifying myself. I wasn't being mean, she interrupted me before I could get the words out.

"Hi Jessie" was her immediate response. She hasn't been able to say Jessica in probably a year.

The two most beautiful words in the world.

I then told her I loved her, wished I could wrap my arms around her and hug her, and was very happy to hear her sweet voice. She didn't want to talk, so our conversation was over.

But she knew me.

For the first time all year without prodding from the nurse or my mom or me. Nana knew me.

Nana's 92nd birthday was Friday, but I received the gift.

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