Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's The Little Things . . .

This morning while I was out running errands, I noticed that one of the three gas stations in a triangle about a mile from my house, had raised their gas prices from $4.169 yesterday to $4.299 today! Ouch! That meant that the other two would be quickly following suit.

So I hightailed it home, grabbed my gas can which was also empty, and went straight back to the "cheap" gas station where I filled up my car and gas can for $4.169 a gallon. For the 10 gallons I needed, that meant $41.69, which I was certainly not happy to spend. Luckily, I drive a 1995 Honda Civic and get over 30 mpg.

After my quick fill-up, I had to run another errand directly across the street and I made certain to tell everyone I came in contact with to fill up ASAP because the two remaining "cheap" stations were probably going to raise their prices any second.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, not 10 minutes after my fill-up, the gas station attendant was out at the sign manually raising the price per gallon to $4.299. YES! YEAH FOR ME!

Now I know that I only saved 13 cents per gallon - or $1.30 total - but it was the principle of the matter. It is $1.30 that I didn't have to turn over to Big Oil.

So my advice to you today is to fill up if you see relatively cheap gas. And remember, in Cook County the price won't go down after the 4th of July Holiday because of the new sales tax increase that went into effect today.

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