Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thoughts of You

Thoughts of You is a poem my mom used to recite to me when I was little, often when she was tucking me in at night. I just found it handwritten inside one of my old day planners. I don't know how I know it's by Katherine N. Davis, but that's what it says. I googled her and the poem and can't find either one.

Thoughts of You
by Katherine N. Davis

If my thoughts could only do
The things I wish they would,
They'd call on you and brighten up your day.
They'd chase your cares away
And bring laughter instead . . .
They'd perch upon your bed
And fluff your pillow and even wait on you.
They'd let the sunlight in
And make gay flowers bloom
In profusion in your room.
They'd keep you company and chat
Of how you feel and this and that,
And smile at you and
Read you a good book.
Last of all, they'd make you feel
That each day is fair and sweet . . .
and then their job would be complete.


  1. Jubileevx - LMS's MomJuly 16, 2008 at 3:31 PM

    THANKS - It was great to see this poem again. I still remember it myself & often think of it & have repeated it many times to Nana.

    Have a GREAT DAY !!!

    I'm still waiting to see some photos of FLOWERS & YOUR GARDEN.


  2. Thanks for your comment Mom. I'm glad you saw the poem. And I'm glad you tell it to Nana.

    On the topic of poems you used to recite to me, there was another one about ships or sailing or harbors or something like that. Do you remember that one?


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