Monday, July 7, 2008

John McCain Hates Me (and Probably You Too)!

Over on Monkey Muck yesterday, I learned that John McCain hates me (and you too probably). Truthfully, that's ok. I'm not really his biggest fan and wasn't going to vote for him anyway.

But still, hate? John McCain HATES me? Really? Why does he feel the need to put so much of his energy into HATE? This is just my opinion, but maybe if he put as much energy into his campaign as he does into HATING me (and you too!), he might be doing a bit better. I'm just sayin'.

Just so I'm clear, not only is John McCain bad for my sex life, but he also hates me. Well, ok then.


  1. He may hate you but the rest of us love you. :)

  2. Thanks Dr. Monkey!

    I figure I'm in some pretty good company of "people McCain hates." Maybe we should get t-shirts "John McCain Hates Me."

    And shortly, we'll have a secret handshake - it will be a victory cheer in November!


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