Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Have Foreign Policy Experience According to Sarah Palin's Logic!

Yes I do! How? Well, let me explain it to you . . .

I live in Illinois, just outside of Chicago. Chicago is on Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes not only share borders with the United States, but also with Canada (a foreign country). I've spent time in Texas and California. Both states share borders with Mexico (ANOTHER foreign country). I ALSO used to live in Washington DC, where there are many embassies. All of those embassies are not really part of the US. They are actually part of the territory of their home countries. That means that all the time I spent on Embassy Row, I was really visiting foreign countries. Furthermore, I personally travelled to the Bahamas when I was 10. And, I have been heavily involved in foreign trade due to the fact that most of what I purchase all has "Made in China" stamped on it somewhere. My junior high boyfriend was also 100% Greek, so I have personally been involved in numerous diplomatic missions and negotiations. I also regularly provide economic stimulus packages to Thailand by eating at my favorite Thai restaurant. See, I really am a foreign policy expert.

Let's watch Sarah Palin's logic about her foreign policy experience in her interview with Katie Couric . . . . And you'll love how she's finally figured out that Canada is her neighbor too! I think my favorite part is the disgust on Katie's face and also that no one can say there was sexism involved since Katie Couric is a woman.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Here's the transcript from America Blog.


  1. It is so horrifying - beyond belief.

    Frankly it leaves me speechless - except for all the "WTF"s I said when I first saw the video.

    She does not know what comes flying out of that mouth - it is really pathetic.

    Katie Couric, who I generally have no use for, actually gets her gravitas on with this one.

    Deep sigh. We are so screwed if they win.

  2. Yes it is. As I type this, I just learned that Washington Mutual was seized today and parts of it are being bought by JP Morgan Chase.

    So McCain has no economic knowledge and has shown that his "strength" of foreign policy isn't so strong. Sarah Palin clearly has NO foreign policy knowledge, much less actual experience, and I'm pretty certain her economic policy knowledge is non-existent.

    How is it that this election is so close still?

    Seriously, Katie Couric was awesome.


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