Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Interesting Blog Visitor

Because I'm nosy, I check to see where my blog hits come from on a daily basis. So yes, I know exactly who reads my blog and how often. For you "friends" of mine who only read Little Merry Sunshine once a week, I'm on to you and you're on my List. Your Christmas presents will reflect this.

Anyway, last night I checked my blog stats and I had a new visitor from a faraway land. This is nothing new. I have readers from around the world (and yet my brother doesn't read unless I specifically tell him to). This visitor, however, is extra special.

Want to guess where my new fan came from?


That's right. Someone from Sarah Palin's hometown visited my blog yesterday. Spent quite a few minutes poking around too. My new Wasilla, AK fan was a direct hit too. She* didn't come from a google search or even another site. I wonder which one of many terrific posts about Sarah Palin drew this person.

So I'd like to officially welcome Wasilla, AK to the Little Merry Sunshine family. And won't you please join me in welcoming her.

*I don't know that the Wasilla, AK reader is actually a "she" or "her," but I like it better than using "him" or "he."

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