Monday, September 15, 2008

McCain: "Ha Ha Ha! I Was Just Kidding! Gotcha!"

Isn't John McCain funny? Today, he told us all that the bruhaha he made over Barack Obama's "lipstick on a pig" comment from last week was just a joke. A little light-hearted campaign diversion. Didn't we all get that he was kidding last week?

Well, okay, that's not exactly what he said. This is:

When asked by reporters in Florida today, "Did [Obama] call [Palin] a pig?"

McCain reponded, "No, I but know that he chooses his words carefully, and it was the wrong thing to say."


John McCain and his talking heads spent a week running around screaming about how Obama was sexist and calling Sarah Palin a pig and now he's telling us that he knew that's not what Obama meant?

We have serious issues in this campaign Senator McCain. To borrow from one of my favorite movies, The American President, "We've got serious problems, and we need serious people, and if you want to talk about [sexism, John, you'd better come at us with more than a 'lipstick on a pig' comment you know wasn't sexist in the first place]." There is real sexism in this country, but Barack Obama's comment wasn't it. And for you to say that it was diminishes all the real sexism that women deal with on a daily basis.

We've got real, actual serious issues in this campaign. We simply don't have time for your candy-ass made up issues.

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