Thursday, September 18, 2008

McCain Will Need A Food Taster

I think SOMEONE has let all this media attention and new-found popularity go straight to her head. She's clearly already figured out that according to actuarial tables, McCain has a 15% chance of not living through 4 years in office (the man is 72 you know) and that means it would be her show to run. God help us all. And in her head, anyway, it's already her show.


  1. She has her super-prayers on the job... I am sure that they are on their knees asking for John McCain to be whisked heavenward on or about January 30, 2009...

  2. Here are our "Top Ten Reasons Why John McCain Will NOT Hire Food Tasters" at

  3. Obamarapidresponse,

    You did realize that I'm 100% Pro-Obama, right?

  4. It was not even a question. You did realize I was kidding, right?


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