Saturday, September 6, 2008

Random Election Related Thoughts & Questions

These are some random thoughts and questions I've had over the last few days. I have no answers for any of them, so please feel free to discuss them in the comments.

They are not meant to be funny in any way.

1. If Sarah Palin is found guilty of the charges against her that she, her family, or staff violated Alaska's ethical or state personnel rules in pressuring the Public Safety Commissioner to fire her ex-brother-in-law, will she be impeached as Governor? And if so, is she even eligible to be the VP?

2. Why is it bad for Barack Obama to be a "rock star" or "celebrity," but it's okay for Sarah Palin?

3. Isn't asking someone to be your VP after only meeting them once (and on the other side, accepting the offer), kind of like sleeping with someone on the first date? Fun in the moment, but usually something you wish you hadn't done the next morning?

4. Why do Republicans have such a disdain for community service unless it's military service?

5. Given that none of the GOP speakers wore flag pins at the Convention, does the fact that I recently bought new knickers with the Stars & Stripes on them make me more patriotic than them?

6. If you can't keep your daughter from having sex with "abstinence only" education, why must it be the law of the land?

7. Why is it sexist to ask questions about a woman's job qualifications?

8. How does drilling for oil in the Gulf or in ANWAR help make us less dependent on oil?

9. I've noticed that John McCain has proudly sucked off the tit of the Federal Government since 1954 when he enrolled at Annapolis. Today, as a US Senator, he has health care insurance that is quite literally the best money can buy, yet he continues to say that if Obama's health care plan (which says that everyone would have access to the same health care as Senators) were enacted, we'd have bureaucrats deciding our medical fates. Why is the Senate's health care plan good enough for John McCain, but not the rest of us?

10. Why is it a bad idea to do simple things to conserve like keeping our tires properly inflated, keeping our cars in good repair, turning off unnecessary lights, etc.?

11. If Sarah's got nothing to hide, why won't she do interviews or give press conferences?

12. Why does the McCain campaign assume that I would vote for him because I've got a uterus just like his VP?

13. How exactly did Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), who grew up in Atlanta, NOT know that the word "uppity" when used to describe people of African-American descent is ALWAYS pejorative?

14. Remember when Wal-Mart was all about "made in America" and "buy American"? I noticed that they recently dumped their red, white and blue logo with the big star for an orange asterisk. Are they no longer proud to be American?


  1. Oh great, now all I can think about is your patriotic knickers.

  2. Join the club, Dr. Monkey. They had jackets made.


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